The system generates 2-3 times more energy

This system, LL Solar, is 2-3 times more efficient than conventional solar energy systems under the same conditions. Instead of an increase of one or two percent, the annual electricity production will increase 2-3 times. Yes, you don´t need more solar panels for that.

LLSolar generates 2-3 x more electricity than any other system under similar conditions with the same amount of panels.

The system increases the efficiency of solar energy generation. While the usual system is highly dependent on the intensity of light and has seasonal limits, our system continues generating energy in the evening and throughout the entire autumn and winter.


  1. The annual amount of generated energy is 2-3 times more than traditional technology with the same amount of panels.
  2. The device generates electricity throughout the year. The rate depends on several factors, which include: location, time of day, season, among more.
  3. Energy is generated 24 hours a day, so electricity is available around the clock.
  4. The greater efficiency means that we save up to 50% (on average) of the surface area to get the same amount of energy.
  5. Due to the different technology, the devices have longer lifespans because they produce less heat (inverters, batteries, panels).
  6. The system is compatible with all solar panels. This makes it possible to renovate old systems easily without changing panels.
  7. The nominal power of the panels is 50%-100% of the power of the inverter and the capacity of the batteries (Wh) is 3 x the power of the inverter (W).
  8. The installation of the system looks typical (to traditional systems) from the outside, but batteries are always included, the system’s energy production does not work without batteries. (The price of batteries is approx. 20% of the total costs.)
  9. The equipment can be installed as an independent plant or connected to the grid.
  10. Our technology is also suitable for the EV industry, so there are still plenty of untouched markets for us.
  11. (The specifications depend on location and season.)

The system saves 50% of space

The power of the panels is 50%-100% of the rated power (e.g. for 100kW output only 50kW panels are needed on very sunny areas). It saves a lot of space on the ground or roof. All panel types are suitable. Please feel free to ask technical details.

Guarantees at least 2 times more electricity annually than any other solar power system under the same conditions.

The system is suitable for projects of all sizes. From small properties to large power plants.

Power range 2 kW – 2 GW.

Save panels and space

Laboratories all over the world have been developing the efficiency of solar panels. Now the development of panels is not so urgent, as improving the efficiency of the system up to four times means solar energy can become one of the primary energy sources. Solar energy is a silent, safe and, after manufacturing, emission-free method to meet the world’s energy needs.

A solar power generator

The (average) price of energy produced is lower than any other common way

A new generation of solar energy
A new generation of solar energy. Now the real energy transition can begin.

Locally produced energy

A large power plant generates cheap electricity. This makes it possible to produce a variety of fuels competitively using electricity. For example, electrolysis. which uses electricity, separates water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. With hydrogen and carbon dioxide, it is possible to produce carbon-neutral fuel for transport. This way, combustion engines will stay relevant but with zero carbon emissions. In the plastics industry, crude oil can be completely replaced. Steel factories will need huge amounts of electricity when old production methods are replaced by fossil-free ones. Affordable, locally produced, environmentally friendly electricity production is a key factor in almost all industries.

A new generation of solar energy is already here.

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